Press Release Extension

1. Please enter the DOC LINK (link to download the press release):

2. Please enter the TITLE (max 100 letters/numbers/spaces):

3. Please enter the SUMMARY (max 250 letters/numbers/spaces):

4. Please enter the KEYWORDS (comma seperated, max 250 letters/numbers/spaces):

5. Please enter the IMAGE URL (600 x 400 pixels):

6. Please enter the LINK TEXT (max 100 characters):

7. Please enter the LINK URL (max 100 characters):

8. Please enter the STORY (max 3000 letters/numbers/spaces):

1 Link to download the press release from your site.
2 The title of your press release using a max of 100 letters/numbers/spaces.
3 The summary of the press release which may be used in RSS feeds (one paragragh, max 250 letters/numbers/spaces).
4 Keywords to use (comma seperated, max 250 letters/numbers/spaces).
5 The image to use (max 600 x 400 pixels). URL to the image on your site.
6 The text to use in a link to your site for more information.
7 The URL that points to the information.
8 The main story of your press release ( maximum 3000 letters/numbers/spaces). Do not include any html markup or links here.

PAD Extension Author: ArtistScope