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PAD(R) is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and software application librarians to automate app listings. PAD provides a complete content solution for application developers and the webmasters of software catalogs and directories.

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PAD Digital Signature Specification Resources


The development of digital PAD signing was motivated by the need to provide a mechanism by which PAD file consumers can ensure that PAD files are authentic. By authentic we mean that they are from who they say they are and that they have not been modified in an unauthorized fashion. To that end the World Wide Web consortium XMLDSIG standard was adopted as the mechanism by which PAD file producers could use their Authenticode signing keys to digitally sign their PAD files in such a way that their authenticity and integrity can be verified by any PAD file consumer. The optional <Signature> tag is added to the PAD file in such a way that the format remains compatible with existing PAD applications.



  • Source Code for PAD Signing and Verification Tools
    (NOT required for authors to sign their PAD files)
    We have provided this reference implementation in the form of source code for the signpad and verifypad commands. It is intended to serve as a model implementation to those how would incorporate digital PAD signature support in their applications.
  • Certificate Authority List and Revocation List
    (also included in PAD Signing and Verification Tools)
    The public key infrastructure approach used to support PAD file digital signatures relies on the maintenance of a list of certificate issuing authorities and a list of revoked certificates. The ASP, as maintainer of the PAD specification, undertakes to maintain current versions of these lists available online.




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